E-vigilância 2021

Innovations in the surveillance of communicable diseases in pandemic times. Rio de Janeiro, November 3 to 5, 2021.

Welcome to the second edition of E-Vigilância!

E-Vigilance is an interdisciplinary national conference on innovation in transmission disease surveillance. Its first edition, in 2019, was a great success, bringing together initiatives and solutions to modernize the monitoring and control of arboviruses, from participatory monitoring on social networks, to new mosquito traps, data mining, games, mathematical models, modified mosquitoes, etc.

The theme of the 2021 edition will be “Innovations in surveillance of communicable diseases in times of pandemic”. There is no doubt that many innovations were developed in response to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, in areas ranging from data collection, analysis, modeling, health communication, among others. Epidemiological surveillance has never had to respond so fast and in such an integrated way, such community and social engagement for organizing information and promoting actions has never been observed before. Lots of citizen-science projects were born. To shed light on these initiatives, we are encouraging the participation of projects on these themes:

  • Technological innovations in epidemiological and environmental surveillance
  • Social technologies, participatory and community surveillance
  • Data science for epidemiological surveillance
  • Surveillance of emerging diseases
  • Innovations in epidemiological surveillance in vulnerable populations

Of course, COVID-19 is a central theme, but it is not the only one. Works in all areas with the participation of students, researchers, managers, and civil society are welcome. For each theme, the Scientific Committee will organize conferences and round tables and will also welcome contributions from participants, through presentations and video posters. We will have chat rooms and ample opportunities for participants to interact.

The conference will be held in a semi-face-to-face format, looking for creative ways to establish connections even for those who are far away. The opening of the event will be in person with live streaming. The other two days (04 and 05) will be in virtual format with streaming of the lectures on Youtube. Interaction with the speakers and sending questions will happen through special groups on Telegram.


Organizing committee

Email - evigilanciacongresso@gmail.com

Twitter - @vigilancia_e